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About Us

Our mission is to end the housing crisis in America one stud at a time. Working together with owners, customers, and team members, we aim to improve the lives of everyone that we come in contact with by creating homes, career opportunities and lifestyles that are as unique as the people that surround us.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create an environment where everyone wins. We pride ourselves in quality work, creating a structure that the owner can take pride in. We strive to complete jobs on time and under budget, saving the owner and GC time and money. We offer profit sharing to our committed team members so that they can take care of their families in a way they never thought possible.



We believe in doing our best and being our best in everything we do



We believe in holding ourselves accountable in all that we do


We believe in leading ourselves before we can lead others



Job site safety is our number one priority



Honest, hardworking, ethical, and moral people who strive to become better each and every day by working together as a successful and highly productive team.

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